Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Art Retreat at the Aman Home!

We had a blast!
This is the Star version of the Ashley Inn Art Retreat, taking place in my home studio.  The theme was to "Think & Create Like an Artist" and that we did.  

We created mixed media artwork all weekend, learned so much and had such an exciting time!  We expanded our horizons and our senses of adventure.  We learned & played with textures, compositions, materials and colors in all sorts of new and exciting ways.  We worked in realism & abstractions, taking art to new levels.

Next, we have the Ashley Inn Art Retreat...August 3rd-5th...where we will do similar things! Come join us in the fun!

Some examples of the ladies' finished pieces...

 Wonderful job to all of you!  So excited for next year.

Monday, March 19, 2018

An Honor to have "Courage"...

It is a great honor and privilege for me to announce that my painting "Courage" has been selected to be shown in the 10th Annual National Juried Exhibition, at Carr Gallery in Idaho Falls, ID.  The show runs from March 12th through June 4th.
I am so pleased to be a part of this show, along with many other talented artists!
"Courage" is an 8″x8″ original mixed media on a cradled wood panel. 

Things are Rusting...

At the beginning of this month, I taught a wonderful 2-day workshop to a group of artists at the Pocatello Arts Center...all about Rust & Corrosion!
 (One of my examples...)

By the end of the workshop, you could practically see the paper turning to rusty metal!

Some more examples...

Excellent job!  This was so much fun.

Irises & Poppies...It's Looking Like Spring in Idaho!

So much color & so much fun!
Finally winter is on its way out, and we were having fun painting colorful flowers in Idaho Falls.
First, I taught my "Painting an Iris" workshop to a talented group of artists at The Art Museum in Idaho Falls. 

 The results were spectacular!  And, we all had so much fun!
Next, at the College of Eastern Idaho, another group of artists tried their hands at painting gorgeous poppies on Yupo paper (a plastic surface).
Look how amazing they turned out!
You all did wonderful work!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas Time! And...Fall Leaves?

Last weekend, I taught a couple of my seasonal workshops at my studio in Star, ID; they were a bit out of order, but it was a success none the less!

On Friday the 3rd, we gathered to create little works of Christmas-y art to give as gifts (or to keep for ourselves!) at the Christmas Gifts workshop.

They all turned out so fun and festive!


The next day, we painted fall leaves on Aquabord, an absorbent clay surface. They had a great time painting glowing leaves while learning the tricks of lifting, glazing, adding textures, etc. to their artworks.

Very nice job, ladies!

More Rust in Oregon, with Some Tiny Abstracts...

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Oregon and taught a couple of my newest workshops to some very excited artists who were ready to learn some new techniques!

First up, was the Tiny Abstracts mixed media workshop, where artists used acrylic and other media to create small works of art. They were all so good!
Here are some examples:

After finishing them & placing them in frames, they are ready for hanging and look wonderful.


The next day, I taught my new Rust & Corrosion workshop, which focuses on creating the look of rust with different color combinations.  

They all turned out looking so good and so...rusty!

                                                             Excellent job, all of you!  Keep up the good work!