Friday, December 30, 2016

The Christmas Gifts Workshop Raises Money for College Students...

...Supporting the scholarship program for the Eastern Idaho Technical College!

December 1st, I taught the pen with watercolor workshop for an evening of art, refreshments & fun.

This workshop's end products were a paperweight and several magnets with the artists' own artwork inside!

All the proceeds from the workshop supported the Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation Scholarship Program, raising $850.00 for future students.

Christmas Wreath Making...

Ruthie (my daughter in law) and I want to share our Christmas wreaths we made. We had so much fun. Love her....!

Foothills & the Federation...

I am pleased and honored to be able to announce that my recent painting "Foothills" juried in the Western Federation of Watercolor Society (WFWS) exhibition to be held in Eugene Oregon. I was one of the 100 selected from among over 869 entries from 11 watercolor societies by nationality known juror Jeannie McGuire. Last year I received signature status. What a blessing. There are over 6,000 members in the WFWS. 

Congratulations to all who entered and to those accepted. Each of you are fine artists. I am honored to be along side you. Keep painting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Abandonment & Determination...

I have been on a new adventure in my paintings over the last few years. I continue to enjoy painting my traditional style, while at the same time I also have the creative drive to move on to experiment and permit my skills to be challenged. In my abstracted work I create with abandonment, meaning I give up some control or influence, surrender or relinquish my expectations taking risks. I work with determination to have intentional purpose working toward resolution to discovery. I don’t give up on a painting until it is to my satisfaction and / or has a high educational result.  

Abandonment and Determination are somewhat opposite, which works great with the left and right brain decision making process.   

I start with an idea, either a theme or subject, and let it develop and change along the way often with more drastic measures. The paintings are generally more toward abstract. I take the inspiration, often a photo, and apply a few steps I have developed to alter it, pushing me to a creative and bold direction.  
Design Suggestions--

1. Choose composition start
2. Choose color pallet- limited to 3-4 colors
3. Theme or subject matter
     Organic, Geometric or combination
     Organic- subject starts like nature, birds, flowers, shells, ferns, etc.
     Geometric- subject starts like circles, squares, irregular shapes. etc.
4. I choose a couple of Elements or Design principles, See list below...
5. Size- Small, Medium, Large-  Areas in the painting
6. Value- Light, Medium, Dark- Variety of value is important
7. Layers- transparent and opaque, add interest plus can increase mystery
8. Finishing and embellishments
9. Review using elements and principles check list...see below
10. Correct problem areas
11. Critique
12. Sign and review educational results

By working with determination I keep the experiment going…working with abandonment I try new things. 

”Sticking with it” is a key element in the whole endeavor.

I have taught a number of three day experimental art retreats with this method and have found artists grow both in the abstracted as well as in their more traditional paintings. 

I look forward to hearing you are continuing your personal education no matter what your style. Make it your own and have a great time creating the next masterpiece.     

-Elements - color, line, shape, form, value, space, texture

-Principles - direction, balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, harmony, rhythm

ãLinda Aman    
Published in the Idaho Watercolor Society Newsletter October 2016           

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Nampa Art Guild Fall Show!

This year, the Nampa Art Guild's Fall Show was again, another lovely grouping of art from some very talented artists.

I was pleased to have won the Gold Award for one of my newest paintings, "Sure Foundations".  

This painting was created from the emotions of my travels between Oregon & Idaho.  Mount Hood and its misty skies and Idaho's high desert rocks & warm colors.

Such a great honor!

Successful Gallery Reception at Finer Frames, Eagle Idaho!

I'm currently a featured artist at a gallery showing at Finer Frames in Eagle, Idaho for the month October. Last night's reception was an enjoyable evening.  It was a delight to chat with guests and see many of those who attend my classes.  Thank you all for coming.

Three More Workshops Done!

While in Oregon a few days ago, I taught three workshops. Two are annual favorites, Fall Leaves & Christmas Gifts & one was a newer, soon-to-be-favorite, the Water Soluble Pen with Watercolor workshop!

First up, on October 20th in Woodburn, we had fun with the water soluble pens & pencils to create one of three pictures I provided for the artists.  Most of these artists had already taken my "Pen with Watercolor" workshop in the past, so this was an all new adventure for them!

Here are two student examples with the original photos:

Then, on the 21st in Tualatin, we enjoyed the annual Christmas Gifts workshop, where we made bookmarks, paper weights, gift tags and other small, fun gifts for Christmas.  What a fun way to get ahead on your Christmas gift list & have fun doing art, all at the same time!

The next day in Tualatin, on the 22nd, we went in reverse a little bit and did the annual Fall Leaves workshop.  This particular one was the mixed media with gold leaf,  attached to a cradled wood board.

These always turn out beautifully!

Some of my examples:

Monday, October 10, 2016

We Did it Again.....

I had so much fun teaching the 3 day art retreat up in Cascade, ID back in August, I thought I would do another one...only a bit closer to home!

September 29th through October 1st, a smaller group of ladies came to my home studio to partake in a 3 day retreat where we had so much fun creating art, talking & laughing, making new friends and eating good food.  Can't go wrong with that!

This was essentially the same as the Ashley Inn Art Retreat in Cascade, but on a slightly smaller scale.  We learned new things about different materials and mediums to use in our art, as well as growing in our artistic abilities.  Click here to see the 2016 Ashley Inn Art Retreat.

If you are interested in a 3 day retreat in the future, email me here!

It was such a fun weekend!

Here are some examples of the lovely works of art that were created during the weekend...

....And here is the abstract demo I created.

Wonderful work, ladies!  I'm so glad you were all able to attend this retreat!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Oregon was "Going Green" & Painting with Only Three Colors...?

...Of course these were two exciting watercolor workshops in Oregon!  

On Friday September 16th, a group of artists challenged themselves by limiting their palette to only three colors and then painting a watercolor floral in these three, or triad.  This "Triad Floral" workshop went so well and was wonderful to see such beautiful and different results!

Lovely work ladies!


Then, the next day, Saturday the 17th, we tackled the "Going Green" workshop where we paint an entire painting using many different greens; creating some new shades & using existing ones.

Amazing results!!

A Whole New Fall Leaves.....

At my Star, Idaho studio, on Saturday September 24th, a group of ladies tried their hands at the newest addition to the "fall leaves" workshops, the Yupo Fall Leaves!  

We all had a wonderful time...
Look how lovely they turned out!

I just love the look of Yupo paintings, so juicy and free-flowing, one never knows what might happen! 
Good job ladies!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Idaho Falls Fell for Fall Leaves!

The last weekend in August I taught a group of artists how to paint leaves on Aquabord, a challenging yet beautiful surface for painting.  We met at The Art Museum in Idaho Falls, ID, where they learned a lot about creating the luminous fall leaves without making mud.

Looks like a successful day!
Wonderful job everyone!!

Pleased to Announce the 2,000th New Student....

Pleased to Announce Our Newest Winners!

 Sheila Caragol of Oregon was our 2,000th new watercolor student, winning $125 of M. Graham paint & $50 of brushes! Thank you to M. Graham & Connoisseur Brushes!

And, from Idaho, Linda Sawyer received a free class from Aman Arts!  She was picked from all the names automatically placed in the drawing from classes attended by students in May—July in Oregon & Idaho.

I'm Jazzed About "Jazzed"!

I am thrilled, or jazzed about my newest painting "Jazzed" recently winning first place at the Western Idaho State Fair!  

So much fun!  I am so honored.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The 2016 4th Annual Ashley Inn Art Retreat....

....was a huge success!

We had artists attend the retreat from as close as a couple miles away, to one artist as far as India.

All the ladies who came to the Ashley Inn in Cascade, ID and participated in this weekend learned new things, grew in their artistic abilities, stepped out of their comfort zones (maybe even a little bit?), made new friends, ate good food and just all-around enjoyed a relaxing getaway, in a beautiful setting, to make some art.

I had such a great time watching all the creative processes this past weekend (the 5th--7th). This year's project was a watercolor and/or acrylic project on a either a canvas or on a sheet of Arches 300lb hot press watercolor paper. We all learned (or re-learned) the importance of composition and design choices, as well as how complimentary color combinations (say that five times fast) work in a painting.  We also got to experiment with Gelli printing plates to make interesting prints to incorporate into our artworks.  So much fun.  We all greatly enjoyed the two and a half days of painting and creating art morning into the evening! 

I completed two main demos over the weekend, one on canvas with watercolor & one on paper with acrylic and mixed media.


What some of the ladies had to say about what they learned or enjoyed at the retreat:
  • "Sufficient time spent in demo and hands on"
  • I learned to "take time in pre-planning the subject/composition/colors"
  • "Branching out into other mediums and composition recognition"
  • "Mix of demos, teaching, answering questions, painting, individual & general critiques--a very full all-encompassing learning experience"
  • "This was a terrific turning point for me!"
  • "Very generous in art supplies for the artists"
  • "Other peoples' ideas and questions are enlightening"
  •  "Your expertise and feedback was very helpful to me to encourage me to pick up the brushes and get at it again.  Seeing my art through new eyes helps me open mine.  I am excited to try some of the new techniques.   ....I found that in your world (which I knew was your way of expressing that we didn't HAVE to do it that way), but in your world, when we are there, we don't have to worry about politics (scary), illness (also scary), cleaning, yard work or those kind of mundane things, but only had to worry about design, composition, color and technique.  I like your world better."

Check out all the lovely works of art done by these creative artists!

A portion of the retreat goers...
All loaded up, boat and all!
See you next year!