Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Idaho Falls Textures, Techniques & Tricks Workshop at The Art Museum...

....was a success!
On January 23rd at The Art Museum in Idaho Falls, Idaho, I taught the always popular Textures, Techniques & Tricks watercolor workshop to a full class, that had a waiting list!

It was such a fun time, I always enjoy this one.

Meet & Greet...

"Meet and Greet", the descriptive title often given to art showings and special events. It is an opportunity for artists to mingle with admirers, perspective buyers, friends, relatives, other artists and the general public. When it is a show we have been juried in, we as artists are the ones on the spot to talk about our work, or at least hang around. Some of us get into the spirit of the event and engage in conversation with everyone we can. Others shrink from the activity and hope no one approaches them. Over the years I have learned to enjoy the event whether I am the artist or attending another artist’s opening. It took years of repetition for me to be comfortable at shows. Here are some thoughts when attending a show where you have a piece displaying:

1. Find an artist you know and ask them about their work. People love to discuss their work and processes. 
2. Start a conversation with an artist you’ve not met. 
3. Watch the crowd and see what the public is drawn to and let the artist know their work is being admired. 
4. Always speak graciously about artist’s work in public; this is not a time to critique others work. Buyers or the artist could hear comments. 
5. Always be considerate of the artist’s time so that you do not interrupt the potential sales. 
6. Your conversation with the artist should be short but thoughtful. 
7. Encourage other artists and their creativity. 
8. Highlight certain aspects you like about their work. 
9. Ask a question or two about their favorite piece. 
10. Thank them for showing their art. 

Rick and I have an adventure living in a townhouse in Idaho Falls for about a year as he is the interim President of Eastern Idaho Technical College (I am back and forth for classes in Idaho Falls, Oregon and our home in Star). I have been involved in a new artist community. I also teach here and am getting to know the wonderful and talented artists in the eastern region of IWS. I have also met other great artists at The Art Museum shows and Carr Gallery. I have been in shows and attending openings of other artists and it reminded me just how exciting it can be to participate in a meet and greet. Whether at home or in another city, I hope you too can get into the meet and greet with a new excitement for 2016. Thanks to all of you who display your work for all of us to experience and enjoy. Keep painting, keep showing your work we love it!

© Linda Aman January 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Classes are Starting Soon...Your Chance to Win an Original Painting!

We are celebrating the start of classes & workshops in February!Your Chance to Win an Original Painting!
Sign up Now for February Classes... 
Two 6" x 6" original "Cactus Blossom" paintings on Aquabord mounted on a cradled box will be in a drawing. (seen above)
  • Eligibility is for those attending paid February classes or workshops in Oregon or Idaho
  • Your name will automatically be put into the drawing from February workshops or class lists (1 entry per person)
  • The two winners will be announced in March
  • Sign up for classes or a workshop in February ASAP for a chance to win!
For questions, or any inquiries about classes, contact Linda at linda@amanarts.com.