Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Oregon was "Going Green" & Painting with Only Three Colors...?

...Of course these were two exciting watercolor workshops in Oregon!  

On Friday September 16th, a group of artists challenged themselves by limiting their palette to only three colors and then painting a watercolor floral in these three, or triad.  This "Triad Floral" workshop went so well and was wonderful to see such beautiful and different results!

Lovely work ladies!


Then, the next day, Saturday the 17th, we tackled the "Going Green" workshop where we paint an entire painting using many different greens; creating some new shades & using existing ones.

Amazing results!!

A Whole New Fall Leaves.....

At my Star, Idaho studio, on Saturday September 24th, a group of ladies tried their hands at the newest addition to the "fall leaves" workshops, the Yupo Fall Leaves!  

We all had a wonderful time...
Look how lovely they turned out!

I just love the look of Yupo paintings, so juicy and free-flowing, one never knows what might happen! 
Good job ladies!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Idaho Falls Fell for Fall Leaves!

The last weekend in August I taught a group of artists how to paint leaves on Aquabord, a challenging yet beautiful surface for painting.  We met at The Art Museum in Idaho Falls, ID, where they learned a lot about creating the luminous fall leaves without making mud.

Looks like a successful day!
Wonderful job everyone!!

Pleased to Announce the 2,000th New Student....

Pleased to Announce Our Newest Winners!

 Sheila Caragol of Oregon was our 2,000th new watercolor student, winning $125 of M. Graham paint & $50 of brushes! Thank you to M. Graham & Connoisseur Brushes!

And, from Idaho, Linda Sawyer received a free class from Aman Arts!  She was picked from all the names automatically placed in the drawing from classes attended by students in May—July in Oregon & Idaho.

I'm Jazzed About "Jazzed"!

I am thrilled, or jazzed about my newest painting "Jazzed" recently winning first place at the Western Idaho State Fair!  

So much fun!  I am so honored.