Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Abandonment & Determination...

I have been on a new adventure in my paintings over the last few years. I continue to enjoy painting my traditional style, while at the same time I also have the creative drive to move on to experiment and permit my skills to be challenged. In my abstracted work I create with abandonment, meaning I give up some control or influence, surrender or relinquish my expectations taking risks. I work with determination to have intentional purpose working toward resolution to discovery. I don’t give up on a painting until it is to my satisfaction and / or has a high educational result.  

Abandonment and Determination are somewhat opposite, which works great with the left and right brain decision making process.   

I start with an idea, either a theme or subject, and let it develop and change along the way often with more drastic measures. The paintings are generally more toward abstract. I take the inspiration, often a photo, and apply a few steps I have developed to alter it, pushing me to a creative and bold direction.  
Design Suggestions--

1. Choose composition start
2. Choose color pallet- limited to 3-4 colors
3. Theme or subject matter
     Organic, Geometric or combination
     Organic- subject starts like nature, birds, flowers, shells, ferns, etc.
     Geometric- subject starts like circles, squares, irregular shapes. etc.
4. I choose a couple of Elements or Design principles, See list below...
5. Size- Small, Medium, Large-  Areas in the painting
6. Value- Light, Medium, Dark- Variety of value is important
7. Layers- transparent and opaque, add interest plus can increase mystery
8. Finishing and embellishments
9. Review using elements and principles check list...see below
10. Correct problem areas
11. Critique
12. Sign and review educational results

By working with determination I keep the experiment going…working with abandonment I try new things. 

”Sticking with it” is a key element in the whole endeavor.

I have taught a number of three day experimental art retreats with this method and have found artists grow both in the abstracted as well as in their more traditional paintings. 

I look forward to hearing you are continuing your personal education no matter what your style. Make it your own and have a great time creating the next masterpiece.     

-Elements - color, line, shape, form, value, space, texture

-Principles - direction, balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, harmony, rhythm

ãLinda Aman    
Published in the Idaho Watercolor Society Newsletter October 2016                    
linda@amanarts.com   www.amanarts.com