Friday, August 14, 2015

Ashley Inn Retreat 2015!

Three Day Art Retreat at the Ashley Inn, in Cascade, Idaho
August 7th--August 9th, 2015

This year, I had such a great time watching all the creative processes this past weekend (the 7th--9th) up in Cascade. This year's project was a watercolor and acrylic project on a prepared canvas, which again pushed some out of their comfort zones, but still had fun!  We all learned (or re-learned) the importance of composition and design choices, as well as how complimentary color combinations (say that five times fast) work in a painting.  

We all relished in the two and a half days of painting and creating art morning into the evening!  Of course there was time for everyone to work on other pieces they brought along.  We all enjoyed the time of relaxation, meeting new friends, good food, painting, and just spending time with fellow artists.

The start of my demonstration...

Artist's comments about this retreat...

"Great learning experience"

"Class time is balanced nice with free time"

"Safe environment...great place to learn"

"Very relaxed, not rushed, lots of paint time at all hours"

"Truly got away and focused on the education"

"Linda is always well organized and prepared"

"Individual critiques throughout the session were invaluable and gave opportunities for further thought"

I learned to "appreciate the work that goes into abstracts"

"Really enjoyed Linda's knowledge, talent & enthusiasm"

Hard at work...

Here is one artist's amusing take on the weekend and what she learned...

1. Linda Aman is a genius.
2. She can take a painting that is condemned to the gallows and save its life
3. There are certain paints I shouldn't feed my dog
4. Likewise there are paints that are plastic and shouldn't be flushed down the drain
5. Every piece of paper, paper towel or latex glove can be used 5 times before disposal
6. Layering is the new black
7. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks
8. Nine-ish means 10 or 10:30
9. There is no time off for good behavior
10. Camels cast very big shadows

Demonstration nearly finished...