Friday, February 26, 2016

Two More Successful Workshops in Oregon...

It is nearing the end of February, and while in Tualatin, Oregon, I had fun teaching two very different workshops: One was the ever-popular Terrific Tulips workshop....

We painted the tulips, then will attach them to wooden cradled boards for a professional, finished look.

Beautiful results, ladies!  Now remember to finish it up at home.... :)
                                     The finished product, front view...                                                         
...and side view.

The other was a totally different, new workshop titled "Can This Painting Be Saved??"  Quite often, the answer to that question is, "Yes!"

In this particular workshop, it was fascinating to see the dramatic differences from the original abandoned painting, to the finished work of art!

Here we have artist Diane's painting as an example of before...

...and after!  Amazing.

One artist commented:  "I enjoyed seeing all the paintings come in that needed fixing. I wondered if they could be!  In one day I saw not only mine saved but watched all the others too and learned new ideas as I saw them turn into great paintings. I would take this workshop again!"

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day is around the corner..... naturally I have a workshop for that!

While in the Idaho Falls area, I had the opportunity to teach my Valentine's Acrylic on Canvas Workshop at the new Hobby Lobby in Ammon, Idaho in early February.

We all enjoyed the brightly colored little works of art being created. 

Aren't they just happy...??

Then, a few days later I arrived back home at my studio in Star, Idaho and thought (somewhat last minute) just because, I would offer the same workshop, and the ladies came out and had a great time creating a mini Valentine's artwork for their home or a gift!

To all of you ladies, lovely work!

Large Petal Floral Workshop at The Art Museum...

...was a hit!
On Saturday, February 6th a group of ladies got together at The Art Museum in Idaho Falls, ID to learn the secrets of painting a large flower and its waves of curving petals.  It was quite the enjoyable time!

For a one day workshop, they got a lot accomplished and now have examples of how to work to the finish.  Way to go ladies!