Friday, February 15, 2013

Linda Aman-Aman Arts


Remembering my Daddy

On February 5, 2013 my Dad passed away joining my Mom (Dec. 18th, 2012) and Christ in heaven. The loss is overwhelming, but I know they are both in a better place.

I have so many precious memories of my Dad; there are not enough words to begin to express the impact he has had in my life. Daddy was tender, loving and easily brought to laughter as well as tears. He was always totally present with whoever he was with. He showed his faith in Christ with everything he was.  I so loved seeing his integrity, humor, gentle spirit, honesty, compassion, thoughtfulness, and generous giving. I watched him in his lifelong relationships with family and friends. I watched him bless, serve, and love Mama.

I have many memories… one is fishing. We talked about life on those trips.  He knew how to fish; one trick was to follow the state fish truck to where they were dumping hatchery trout in the river for the day. Those were “limit out” days!

Another special memory is one of our fishing trips together…  I was very young and knew I would like fishing because it was with Daddy.  We were walking through the woods to the river. I was trying to keep up with his big steps. We came up to a fallen log over a fast moving river. I was very afraid of the river below and I told Daddy it was too scary to cross. First he took all my fishing gear then started across the fallen log. I thought he would carry me across. But no, he said I could be brave and he would tell me how to safely cross.  I decided I could trust him. I watched him crossing just a bit ahead of me. He then talked me over one step at a time, I was so scared. Each step got a little better and I was eventually over to the other side.  I got a big hug, good job… I was OK. The trip back over the log to get home was met with more bravery.

My prayer is that I can continue to be courageous and follow in the footsteps of his life example.

I will miss Daddy and Mama, but will strive to live the life as they have taught me.