Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Idaho Watercolor Society mouse & ELEPHANT Experimental Show

During the month of October, the Idaho Watercolor Society held their annual experimental show in the Meridian City Hall's Initial Point Gallery.  The theme of the show this year was so unusual, but so much fun..."the mouse and the ELEPHANT".  It was interesting to see all the tiny, the huge and the in between works of art hanging in the gallery together, and to see who painted what!

Here is an excerpt of the Nov-Dec-Jan IWS Newsletter talking about the show...

"What a fun, exciting experimental show this turned out to be for the SW Region! Displaying...through October, the show featured a variety of paint methods, substrates and materials; some came framed … some not. Traditional acrylics on canvas showed up while some artists painted on wood.  Pretty much everything was accepted, but the guidelines suggested ‘mouse’ paintings less than 100 square inches (about 10x10 inches) or ‘elephants’ needed to be a full sheet or larger. Counts for the show were 59 mice, 29 elephants and 6 in-betweens.  At the Opening Reception...there was equal interest in both sizes.  Some artists painted both a mouse and an elephant, painting the same subject in those two sizes.  If you normally paint large, painting small was a big challenge and vice versa.

...the most interesting wall...displayed the biggest elephant and the smallest mouse side by side. The largest was by Linda Aman; it measured 40” x 60” and was a painting of  “Tropical Paradise”.  Next to that was a mini mouse sized painting by Julianne Runkle Pinkston, “Codiaeum Variegatum Miniatura”, that had an image area of 1.5” x 1.5”.  Being a student of Linda’s, she chose the same plant (a minute portion of Linda’s large-scale painting) and the effect was quite astounding!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Linda Aman's Paintings Part of Permanent Collection at St. Alphonsus Boise, Idaho

Linda Aman Painting Part of Permanent Collection!

On November 13th, St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise held a special dedication for the installation of art for the permanent "Art for Rehab Memorial Project" in their Rehab Center.  The reception was an honor to browse through and see the works of art from selected Idaho artists.

Jill, the foundation director, had some comments about the art being part of the healing process for not only the patients, but the families, staff, and visitors.  The art can help bring individuals a sense of engagement, beauty, distraction, imagination, creativity, inspiration, and help with healing, hope and the future.

Linda's two paintings, Dahlia & Hollyhock, are displayed in one of the hallways in the Rehabilitation Center at St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise.

I am so honored and want to thank St. Alphonsus for allowing me to be a part of their exhibition and collection.