Friday, June 22, 2012

Reflections by the Spoonful

Linda Aman ©  

When I saw the light and color in my basket of spoons, I quickly took a photo and started thinking of the painting “Reflections by the Spoonful”. I was excited and wanted to interpret the photo in an abstracted method of design.  As the painting developed I made a number of changes in design and decisions along the way.  Thinking I was finished, I had it professionally photographed, then sent the image off to an art competition. After submitting the image, I decided to rework an area of the spoons, but needed to wait until I knew the painting was accepted or rejected before changing anything.  I did receive a rejection notification so I began working on the "changes" or "corrections” some of which were minor -others major.  I had it re-photographed and submitted it again to a different competition... only to receive another letter saying it had not been accepted.  I don’t give up easily and I entered it for a third show. It received first place!!!

The moral of the story is…When you feel you have a strong painting, keep at it. Many times you just have to get it in front of the right judge! 

This painting had other interesting viewing experiences. Because the painting is somewhat abstracted, some viewers do not know what it is! When I ask them if they still like it, most say they do! They like the mood, excitement and mystery.

At dinner I was asked a question about my painting.  Linda - What is it?  I stated, “It is reflective spoons.” After a long pause my guest replied, “No that is not what it is!”  I kind of thought being the artist, I might actually know it was spoons reflected, since I painted it…we both had a great laugh. 

Enjoy your art, the conversations and the mysteries involved.  Not everything has to be exact for the viewer to still enjoy the painting. I feel it is important to have some mystery without too much confusion.  This painting has been a great journey for me in education, conversations, mystery on the edge of confusion. I have also been pleased that audiences are entertained by it.  I hope you enjoy it as well…comments are welcome by email...and yes, it is spoons with reflections!

Thank you for your “reflective” view!


Triads Color Watercolor Workshop in McCall Idaho

Comments from artists who attended...

Dixie and I with our works in progress

Last weekend, I stretched waaay out of my comfort zone and joined a great group of women in a color theory and watercolor class. Our teacher was so enthusiastic and excited to share her love of color. We made color triads, worked with complimentary and neutralizing colors, layering of colors…. my head was spinning, happily.

Blending color and feeling the brush on canvas was so calming and engaging, a really nice reprieve from writing and speaking.  One of our projects was painting bell peppers, a subject close to my heart. Painting is one way to indulge in the pleasure of colorful food. Another is creating a masterpiece on your plate, and then savoring every bite!

To Your Health and Happiness