Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Have I Been Up To Lately...

Here's a little sample of some of the workshops I've taught in the last 3 months...I'm definitely staying busy!

At my newest place to teach, Idaho Falls, I held the "Landscape with Yupo Paper" workshop at The Art Museum....

And introduced the "Pen & Ink with Watercolor" and the annual "Christmas Gifts" workshop at the Eastern Idaho Technical College....

Plus I had a speaking engagement for the Idaho Watercolor Society in Idaho Falls as well!

In Star, Idaho in my studio, I taught the popular "Christmas Gifts" workshop for the 6th time and we all had a good time...

Busy teaching the "Triads" demo for the Nampa Art Guild...

And taught the new workshop "Exploring Color" in Star, as well as...
...in Woodburn, Oregon!

Also in Oregon, at the Tualatin Heritage Center, I taught the "Floral with Yupo Paper" workshop... (with beautiful results!)

.....as well as the "Melon & Berries" workshop....

....and the ever popular "Fall Leaves" workshop,  and tried the "Triads" workshop in Tualatin as well!

All that, *plus* add in a teaching trip to Sonoma, California (you can read all about that here) AND showing work around the state of Idaho in at least 5 shows...

And this is what I can remember...whew!

Thank you for a great year!
Can't wait to see what the next year holds...

Monday, November 9, 2015

You Can't Know the Moves...

... if you don't practice!

I am getting back into Zumba. I am not naturally prone to keeping a regiment of exercise and have just started back.  I am amazed at how the participants in the Zumba class are learning the moves and “keeping” up with the instructor. I am in the back of the class by choice with a few others who are looking less coordinated.  I noticed that the people up front are “with it” knowing the next move and making the moves well. Hummm…. I wonder if attending regularly and practicing has anything to do with it?

This applies to being an artist as well. I had the opportunity to travel and teach a lot of artists in Idaho, Oregon and California. I hear a lot of excuses as to why artists don’t paint. Recently at a speaking engagement I asked attendees if they felt they were painting as much as they would like. Out of 20 artists only 3 said they paint often.  This was a high skill level group, yet they claimed a low amount of painting time. I also asked other groups recently and same response.  Here are a few of the excuses…(these sound the same as the reasons I don’t exercise…)

Not in any special order, a few excuses:
         1.    Not enough time
         2.    Too many other responsibilities
         3.    I have nothing started
         4.    No inspiration
         5.    I am not a self starter
         6.    Run out of energy
         7.    Not organized
         8.    Afraid of failure
         9.    Have other interests
10.  Easily distracted
             Of course there are more……

A couple of suggestions if you want to improve…your moves:

       1.    Make painting a priority-set goals
       2.    Know your best time of working
       3.    Set studio hours
       4.    Enroll in a group or a class
       5.    Do a painting just for educational fun
       6.    Don’t compare to others…see your style as individual
       7.    Get a painting started 
       8.    Leave a painting out to work on 
       9.    Don’t wait for inspiration…paint; inspiration happens
       10.  Know the best time for your best energy, creative time    11.  Politely request friends and family respect your studio time 
       12.  Remove distractions from your work zone

Now is the time to develop a few good habits so in 2016 you can feel more creative juices flowing.  Know the moves and practice them….keep painting.


Linda is an artist and instructor who lives in Star and teaches in her studio. She also teaches in other locations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. You can visit her website at www.amanarts.com or email linda@amanarts.com for more information. Blog www.lindaaman.blogspot.com