Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Day as an Artist "The Business"...

Today is one of those days I have such a passion to paint but have the "artist business" stuff to do.  I prepared 10 watercolor boards (stretched paper) for projects I have in the planning stages.  (I did paint 10 paintings in August by having boards ready).  I answered emails, sent reminder cards to artists signed up for classes, made phone calls. I made an appointment for a client to come see my paintings, got mats for framing art, went to the printer for class folders. Planned out the class schedules to the end of the year. Next I worked on the computer for hours doing the ledgers to keep track of expenses, doing those check and balances etc.

Somewhere in there I managed to make a wonderful dinner for Rick and I. Tillapia fish crusted with hazelnut coating, fresh corn on the cob, fresh bread, and potatoes. All in all a good day....tonight I will spend some time with Rick and still get the paint brush out for a few strokes on the new abstracted tree painting I am experimenting with.

I don't mean to bore you, just remind you that if you planned to paint today and didn't get to it another day will come.  Oh!  I did forget to mention...I sat with a cold glass of ice water watching the quail on my hillside scurry away before the hawk swooped to get them..guess they had a pretty good day too..(not the Hawk!!)

Keep working towards those painting days....Linda


  1. Thank you, Linda for posting the kind of day I generally have. Although I am not a professional artist . . . yet . . . I too plan everyday to paint and somehow something sidetracks me but I did manage to paint while on my trip and it was so relaxing to sit by the Madison River amongst the sage and pine trees and paint, or below the Grand Tetons and paint the quaking aspen at dusk. I could get used to that kind of painting!

  2. I can no longer paint because of MS (I have hand tremors and not into abstract!), but I still have an artist's eye. Something I really 'saw' was the atmosphere between me and my subject. So I realized why things further from me are lighter or less in focus. It's the 'atmosphere' in between me and my subject. (I hope that makes sense because I'm not a teacher in art like Linda. Yes, I know her and how fortunate you are if you're taking one of her classes!)