Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Book Review of “Conscious Creative Retirement” by Suzanne Shaffer...

I recently reviewed a book on creativity, “Conscious Creative Retirement” by Suzanne Shaffer. Suzanne the author sent me a copy and asked me to give my thoughts on her book. I am delighted to share some of my discoveries.

As many of you know in my on-going watercolor classes we have been focusing on creativity this year and how to recognize, encourage and grow as artists. I found this book to be inspiring promoting some new ways to move on in our quest.

Each of you who purchase and read the book will find different nuggets of gold for your creative adventure. I will share what I found resonates with me.

This book is primarily about the starting of creativity in retirement. A number of artists can identify that the creating art has been a lifelong desire and now is the time to put action to the process.   

The book talks of discovering reasons to create and how to start the process of deciding to go forward. There are exercises in each chapter that help you determine how to allow yourself the energy and time to create. Included is talk of “Tech Free Time Out.” Again in class we often talk of setting personal studio hours to have a set time and place to do art.  

I especially like the chapter on celebration, the excitement and experience of creating something you feel good about. 
Quotes from the book: “Are you enjoying watching the growth develop?” and “Are you wondering what the next project will be?” These are great questions to keep you motivated.

I would recommend the book for its ideas and the exercises at the end of each chapter. You will find great motivation to get you into your studio!

Thank you Suzanne, for sharing your insights and your enthusiasm.

You can purchase the book from the author or on Amazon. 

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